Taiwan airlines told to avoid Iran airspace in wake of the US-Iran tensions


We have been reporting about the tensions that are going on between Iran and the US after the US government killed Iran’s Top Commander Suleimani in an airstrike. Since then, we have seen that Iran has vowed to retaliate and the country is hell-bent on taking revenge against the US and so are its citizens. Talking about revenge, we have also seen that the Irani forces launched missiles inside Iraq on the US forces stationed at an airbase. This means that the Iran and Iraq airspace are not currently safe for flying for either commercial or non-commercial flights.

For these reasons, countries have told their airline companies to avoid Iran airspace including India. Now, the Taiwanese government has informed its airlines to avoid the Iranian airspace since the tensions between Iran and the US are at an all-time high. As far as the tensions are concerned, we have also seen that a Ukranian airline flight crashed last night in Tehran, capital of Iran. Now, there are many conspiracy theories regarding this incident where some also believe that Iranian forces might have downed the aeroplane by mistake considering it as a US-born flight.

Now, this is just a theory and we do not have any substantial evidence of the same. However, the fact that Iran has also said they will not provide the black boxes from this Ukranian flight to Boeing whose plane crashed is also a hint at what might have gone wrong. As far as Taiwan’s airlines are concerned, EVA Air and China Airlines have both confirmed that their Europe flights have started following different routes and they will avoid Iran airspace so that the safety of its passengers and crew is guaranteed. China Airlines also said that its cargo flights will also take an alternate route to deliver in the Middle East.

Source Taiwan News

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