Taipei Mayor Ko says Chen Chu is ‘a fat Han Kuo-yu’


We have often seen that Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je gives some comments which are extremely controversial. There has been a constant discussion regarding Taipei Mayor since he has announced a new party of his own. Also, he has not yet announced his decision to fight for the Presidential Elections in Taiwan next year. Now, it looks like the decision might be announced soon since the deadline for filing nomination is coming to a close.

However, Taipei Mayor has said something very controversial prior to that. In what people believe is a slip of tongue, Taipei Mayor Ko has referred to Chen Chu who is a Presidential Office Secretary-General as “a fat Han Kuo-yu”. It has to be noted that Han Kuo-yu, who is a Presidential Candidate for the KMT, is also known to give some controversial comments. Recently, Han said that he will not accept immigrants in Taiwan who want to create trouble in the country. He also referred to them as “chickens” which has caused widespread outrage in the country.

Ko Wen-je said this when he was asked to respond to Tuan Yi-Kang’s comments saying that Ko is “a Han Kuo-yu that is better at taking exams.” On this, Ko said that he would put it differently and added that “Then Little Tsai [Tsai Ing-wen] is a Han Kuo who is relatively bad at taking tests. Chen Chu is a relatively fat Han Kuo-yu?”

Ko also added that “The new trend is if you hit me, I will definitely fight you.” He added, “I’ll tell you, Little Tsai is a Han Kuo who is relatively bad at taking tests,” But Ko did not repeat his comments regarding Chen Chu which means that he realized that he made a mistake. When asked to clarify his comment on Chen Chu, he said “Another two hours needs to be added to the sex education class.”

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