Suspicions in Taiwan over China’s bridge plans in Kinmen and Matsu


You must be aware of the troubled relations between Taiwan and China. You will also be aware of the fact that these tensions are because China claims Taiwan as its own region. The Chinese communist party also wants to have Taiwan under its control with the proposed ‘one country, two systems’ plan. Essentially meaning that Taiwan will have its own system but China will be one country and Taiwan will lose its country status. Obviously, Taiwan has rejected China’s claims and the fight is still going on from decades.

However, it all started 51 years back when Taiwanese islands of Kinmen and Matsu were attacked by China in 1958. These attacks left hundreds of thousands of shells as well as houses shattered and civilians killed which was uncalled for. But the Chinese Communist Party of that time wanted to claim dominance over the Chinese Nationalist Party.

Now, the same cities where China attacked in 1958 are in limelight once again due to China’s proposed plan of building a bridge. As per reports from Chinese media, the blueprint of an ambitious plan to build a bridge between Xiamen and Taiwan’s Kinmen, Matsu and Fuzhou Islands has been launched.

State Council Taiwan Affairs Office spokesperson stated that “On October 13, 40 experts from both sides of the Taiwan Strait met in the provincial capital, Fuzhou, to discuss a project that would create a favourable environment for people from Taiwan to work and live in mainland China”

Taiwan News also reports that any technical difficulties can be overcome says the chief designer who has also built the world’s longest sea bridge between Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau. But the fears in Taiwan are that this is a tactic from China to “divide Taiwan” while China claims that the bridge will help in the development of the area. Taiwan’s KMT also claims that China is trying to score points during Taiwan’s elections and this is just a “hoax or election language”.

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