China Space Station

China has launched its three astronauts into orbit. It marks the beginning of the occupation of the China Space Station. The three men are – Nie Haisheng, Tang Hongbo, and Liu Boming. They will spend three months abroad in the Tianhe module. It is above 380 km from the Earth.

It will be the longest crewed space station in China to date. Also, it will be the first one in nearly five years. This crew has successfully docked with the China Space Station. Also, it is just over seven hours after making the launch.

The mission control in China has applauded this making of the contact. Their Shenzhou-12 capsule took off atop with its Long March 2F rocket on Thursday. There is a lift-off from the Jiuquan satellite launch center in the Gobi desert. The launch and this subsequent mission is another demonstration of the growing confidence of China in the space domain.

In the past six months, the country has made its return of the rock and soil samples to the Earth from the Moon surface. It has also landed a six-wheel robot on Mars. Both of these missions are highly complex and very challenging.

However, the primary objective of this team is to bring the 22.5-tonne Tianhe module to the service. Mr. Nie is having a lot of expectations.

He continued, “We need to set up our new home in space and test a series of new technologies. So, the mission is tough and challenging. I believe with the three of us working closely together, doing thorough and accurate operations, we can overcome our challenges. We have the confidence to complete the mission.”

A 16.6 m long and 4.2 m wide Tianhe cylinder was launched in April. It is also the first core component that will be near a 70-tonne orbiting outpost. It comprises the living quarter, science labs, and a Hubble Class telescope for viewing the cosmos.

The various elements will have their launch in the course in the next couple of years. The construction will also be accompanied by regular cargo deliveries and from the crew expeditions.

Credits: BBC

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