Semiconductor giant TSMC questioned for doing business with Huawei


There is currently a ban on Huawei in the US because of a trade war between China and the US. For this reason, many companies have cut off business ties with Huawei which are based in the US. The list of companies includes Google, Microsoft, and others. However, there is one company which is still doing business with Huawei and that is the Taiwan Semiconductor giant TMSC. TMSC is the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturer. Now, the company is facing criticism as it is still working with Huawei despite the global movement to boycott Huawei.

In a YouTube program called Echo Chamber, Yang Sen-hong who is a human rights advocate in Taiwan questioned TMSC’s policy of providing electronic components to Huawei despite the global ban. The YouTube show, hosted by Winifred Tung, said that TMSC implements an “export control and analysis system”. Following the analysis, TMSC has found that there is no violation of protocol while it continues business with Huawei. The protocol says that “any U.S. technologies, materials, and applications involved in the production of goods shall not exceed the 25 percent limit.”

On this, Taiwanese Human Rights activist called TMSC to review its philosophy once again which seeks in solving political issues via legal ways. Yang said that the US-China trade war has moved beyond price and interest. And he adds that it has become a fight for values and justice.

From Yang’s comments, it seems clear that TMSC should cut business with Huawei which will mean that they have taken the side of US in this trade war against China. Yang said “Technology should serve the public good, not evil,” and he added that “The continued supply of IT products for Huawei will tarnish the image of the semiconductor industry’s leading company,” This stance from Yang is not very surprising as we know that relations between Taiwan and China are not in the best of health.

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