Scholars claim that English is actually Chinese


We have weird things in the past related to China’s claims on Taiwan. However, Chinese scholars are now even claiming that language English is actually Chinese. To be precise, “World Civilization Research Association” claims that the English language is derived from Mandarin. Therefore, they say that English is actually Chinese. The scholars of “World Civilization Research Association” also say that almost all of the European languages are Mandarin dialects. Also, they say that Western civilization originates from China.

Vice President and Secretary-General Zhai Guiyun of the World Civilization Research Association says that many English words are derived from Mandarin. He gives an example of “yellow” which he claims is derived from “yeluo”, a Mandarin word which means “leaf falling”. He says that yellow is also the colour of Autumn. He adds that “heart” is also derived from the Mandarin word “hede” which means “core”.

Zhai says that this evidence “proves” that English is just a dialect of Mandarin. He further claims that Russian, French, German, and other European-based languages, went through a similar process of sinicization after the English language was created by the Chinese.

One more staggering claim from Zhu Xuanshi, member of the association, is that the Western civilization is a “sub-civilization” of the Chinese civilization. It should be noted that the World Civilization Research Association scholars are professors from Chinese academic institutions. Zhu also adds that Europeans “felt ashamed” due to the “fact” that there was no history of Western Civilization before the 15th century. Therefore, he adds that they “fabricated” Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations which is actually based on Chinese history according to him.

However, these claims from Chinese scholars were not able to convince even the Chinese netizens who called the professors as “Wolf Warrior Scholars” and added that “Thanks, we can no longer laugh at the Koreans who claimed Confucius and Genghis Khan are Korean,”

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