Protestors in Hong Kong shift strategy to make smaller groups instead of one large rally


You must be aware of all the events taking place in Hong Kong regarding the protests and outcome of the protests. This is because it has been five months now that the protests had started and they have been continuing since then. It all started when the Hong Kong government introduced an extradition bill backed by China. This bill would extradite people from Hong Kong to China if found guilty which irked protests in the city partially governed by China. However, the Hong Kong government had to withdraw the bill a few months later seeing the number of protests taking place as millions gathered on the streets of Hong Kong.

But we now see that the Hong Kong protests are still going on and protestors are demanding an enquiry against the police actions during the initial protests. But we see that China is also in no mood to back down as it is brutally clamping down protestors with the help of People’s Liberation Army of China. Also, they have introduced a ban of masks worn by protestors who were escaping the surveillance cameras in the city. Now, Hong Kong protestors have also shifted their strategy of protesting and they reveal it is not possible to protest in large groups anymore. Therefore, they have formed small groups of protestors who are spread across the city.

This means that the Hong Kong police has had to rush from one location to another to arrest protestors. But we should also inform you that Hong Kong police have accepted the challenge and they have been able to curb the protests even after their change in strategy. Edmund Tung, a protestor from Hong Kong, says that “It’s a guerilla-kind of demonstration,” and that their strategy is to “Keep the hunt dogs running everywhere, getting crazier and crazier, without catching the prey. That’s best,”

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