Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam
Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam

The Presidential Office of Taiwan lodged an official protest against Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam in the evening of Saturday after the chief executive said that the delay of amendments to the controversial extradition law was because of Taiwan government’s refusal to collaborat in a murder case from February this year.

Ernesto Ting, spokesperson for the Presidential Office, said in a statement that Hong Kong Chief Executive using murder case as an excuse for pushing the extradition legislation risking human rights is “irresponsible” and “lacking a moral sense,”

Ting added that the Hong Kong authorities’ handling of the matter is “unbelievable” and he also urged the Hong Kong government to ensure freedom and democracy enjoyed by its citizens.

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu took to Twitter to say that “Chief Executive Carrie Lam must listen to the people & take full responsibility.” as he took a tough stance against Lam and adds that “Blaming #Taiwan is immoral, shameful & unacceptable,”

On Saturday, Lam announced that the Hong Kong government will suspend the amendments to the extradition bill indefinitely. But she continued to defend the extradition bill and would not withdraw it despite acknowledging “polarized opinions on the bill” from the society against this bill.

Lam added that Taiwan government’s refusal to process the transfer request of Chen Tongjia for murder trial from Hong Kong to Taiwan has made the government of Hong Kong less urgent to see extradition bill passed during this legislative year.

As far as the murder case is concerned, Chen is accused of killing his girlfriend while on a trip to Taipei. The Hong Kong government proposed these amendments as they had the argument of dealing with loopholes in the current laws and lack of agreements in mutual legal assistance between Hong Kong authorities and other countries or jurisdictions after the murder.


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