Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je
Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je

We have known that Taiwan Mayor Ko Wen-je is looking to participate as an independent candidate in the upcoming 2020 Taiwan Presidential Elections. Now, an opinion poll results reveal that this decision could be significant.

The poll results show that whether or not Ko Wen-je contests the elections as an independent candidate will be the key influence in next year’s Taiwan Presidential Elections.

It is also being said that if Ko Wen-je decides not to contest the elections as an independent candidate then there are high chances that President Tsai Ing-wen will be re-elected for her second term which will also be her last.

However, the results could be different if Ko decides to contest the elections. This was revealed by Ying-lung You, the Chairman of Taiwanese Public Opinion Foundation.

Also, the reasoning given by You is pretty understandable and reasonable as well. Basically, Taiwanese Public Opinion Foundation has found that the votes will get divided if Ko contests the elections. TPOF has found that Tsai Ing-wen will win 45 percent in the next elections if Han Kuo-yu is her only opponent who will get close to 40 percent votes.

However, the scenario will be different if Ko Wen-je contests as an independent candidate. In that case, President Tsai will get 32.6 percent votes but Ko Wen-je could lead the elections with 33.5 percent votes. Ko, on the other hand, might only have 25 percent votes in that scenario.

But TPOF also claims that the window for Ko to participate is closing quickly as people are already picking sides between the two parties, KMT and DPP. KPOF says that if Ko wants to present himself as the third choice in Taiwan’s elections then he will have to act fast and register himself before it is too late. However, it looks like Ko Wen-je might not contest the elections.


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