Mexico’s and Turkey’s riot police have fired smoke bombs and tear gas at the protesters. These protesters wanted the violence against the women community to end.

In Guaymas’ Mexican city, in an attack on the female mayor of the city, three people were shot dead.

Clashes with the security forces have broken out in Istanbul’s Turkish city.

Also, large rallies took place in Barcelona, London, and Paris for making the international day for gender-based attacks’ elimination.

The media of Mexico says that in the Guaymas incident, armed attackers flooded the municipal palace of the city and shot down two men inside the palace and a female protestor.

According to the eyewitnesses, they heard a sound similar to a grenade explosion at the building’s door and also heard gunshots.

The attackers’ identity and their aim are still unknown.

In another rally in Mexico, the crowd said, “not one (woman) less because they demanded an end to the femicide.

Police threw smoke bombs at protesters’ groups who tried to snatch their shields.

In the Latin American country, they killed a minimum of 10 girls and women each day.

During a tussle with the police, one woman shouted reportedly, “Femicide Mexico! They’re killing us!”

According to the police, a few hooded demonstrators fired stones, flares, and bottles at the police, according to the local media. Including 10 women police officers, a total of seventeen people got injured in the march.

The demonstration in the Taksim Square in Istanbul just came months after Turkey had withdrawn from an international treaty that targeted to protect women.

Scuffling took place between the protesters and police because the police commanded the protesters to disperse from that area.

Several demonstrators were holding banners, and on the other hand, a few others demanded the government for resignation over the withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention.

Few argued said that as per the conservative value of Turkey’ the agreement was inconsistent. Mr. Erdogan said that local laws would be there to protect women.

According to Turkey’s rights group, they already killed 345 women this year so far.

Credits: BBC

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