Philippines orders its citizens to evacuate from Iraq due to the US-Iran tensions


As we reported earlier this week, there are talks in the Philippines regarding evacuation of Filipinos from Iraq due to the fact that tensions between Iran and the US are ever-increasing. Ever since the US killed Iran’s Top Leader Suleimani, the threat of a war-like situation is imminent. We also know that Iran launched rockets inside Iraq’s airbase where the US forces are staying. Now, the Philippines government has decided that enough is enough and they have ordered all its workers who are Filipinos to evacuate Iraq as soon as possible.

As far as the Philippines government’s statement is concerned, they have “ordered the mandatory evacuation of Filipino workers from Iraq and the coast guard said it is sending a vessel to the Middle East to ferry its citizens to safety in case hostilities between the United States and Iran worsen”. This is also a move which we can understand because the government could be criticized heavily if something goes wrong and its citizens are trapped in a country where war could break out at any moment.

However, we also have a sigh of relief as the tensions between Iran and the US are likely to decrease. In a move which can de-escalate tensions, the US has said to the UN that they are ready to have a deal with Iran without any conditions regarding the killing of Suleimani. Coming to the Philippines, however, the government says that they have increased alert level in Iraq to the highest level. The government also reveals that its workers can either leave Iraq on their own or with the help of government or their employers.

While Philippines government has ordered the evacuation of its citizens from Iraq, it is known that 7000 workers in the country are just a fraction of the Filipinos working in the Middle East which is a much harder task for evacuation if needed.

Source Taiwan News

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