Over 150 journalists from across the world come to Taiwan for election reporting


As we have mentioned in the past, the upcoming Taiwanese elections have seen the most amount of buzz that has been garnered in the last few decades. One of the reasons is because of the ties between Taiwan-China and Taiwan-US, all of which depend on the results of these elections. It is known that the DPP, along with current President Tsai Ing-wen, is of the favour of Taiwan Independence. However, KMT and their candidate Han Kuo-yu want Taiwan to merge with China and everything will depend on who gets elected.

So for this reason, it is important that the world comes to know about the elections happening in Taiwan as well as its results. The best ways to do this is via journalists who make their reports and publish them in international newspapers. Similarly, we now see that over 150 journalists have flown from across the world to Taiwan in order to report on the Taiwanese elections which will take place this Saturday.

Now, these journalists are correspondents of reputed news and media outlets and are going to report on the campaign as well as election day as well as its results. As per Taiwan’s foreign ministry report, over 210 foreign journalists from around 100 international media outlets will be covering election news in Taiwan.

As per the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan, the government “will also welcome more than 100 academic experts. They will arrive in 10 groups this week from the U.S., Canada, and European countries and MOFA will arrange meetings with political parties or visits to campaign headquarters”. It is known that all these journalists have arrived in Taipei for the reporting which is also obvious since it is the capital of Taiwan. While the international journalists would be close to 150, the tally will cross 210 as we will see Taiwan-based foreign journalists reporting on the elections as well.

Source Taiwan News

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