Han Kuo-yu Taipei home
Han Kuo-yu Taipei home

We have seen that politicians around the world like to buy a lot of property. However, it is also found that they also want to make people believe that they are just ‘common folk’ like all of them. This is why we don’t see them living a fancy life during elections and want to hide as much as possible. However, a revelation has been made regarding Taiwan Presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu right now. This revelation has absolutely destroyed the image that Han created for himself of a ‘common folk’ who doesn’t have a fancy life. Because a report now says that Han owns a home in Taipei which costs a whopping NT$72 million.

This home from Han Kuo-yu was bought in 2011 and it is revealed that it is a 90-ping home which means it is more 270 square metres in area. Interestingly, Han made this purchase when he was “unemployed” and even before he assumed the role of general manager at Taipei Agricultural Products Marketing Corporation.

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Kuan Bi-ling criticized Han as being a hypocrite pretending to be one of the “common folk” while living in luxury because of this revelation. He also attacked Han’s wife saying that “The myth never ends. A couple with the wife making more money than the husband. They continue to use class struggle as a political rallying cry. A wealthy wife, a commoner husband. Is that possible?”

He also says that is it possible that a wife is wealthy while her husband is a commoner. Also asking sarcastically if the last year of unemployment was painful or not. However, we believe that Han was caught in a soup right when a reporter asked how he managed to get a bank loan of NT$72 million while he was unemployed. He then attacked the reporter and his news channel saying that “It’s SET news again”

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