NSC says that Taiwan will lose one or two more allies to China by 2020


According to a new report by the National Security Council, Taiwan’s lose of allies to China is not going to end as it loses the Solomon Islands and Kiribati. Because the report adds that China will try to interfere in Taiwan’s 2020 Presidential Elections by taking away one or two more allies. Taiwan’s total number of allies, which was 17 earlier, has now been reduced to 15 as two allies have left in the span of a week.

NSC presented a report in which it revealed that China is not willing to back down as the 2020 Presidential and Legislative Yuan elections in January are very close. For this reason, Taiwan should be prepared to lose some more allies to China. Also, China could threaten to terminate the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement or even release a timetable for unification. While these are possibilities, NSC does not say that China will perform these actions for sure.

It is also mentioned in the report that China’s leadership would also respond strongly to support for Taiwan voiced by the United States, Japan and the European Union. The report was quoted as saying that this is because of Taiwan’s quest to attend international events and get recognized globally.

The report from NSC also says that ‘China had always seen economic relations and trade as a way to influence Taiwan, and in the run-up to the election it might restrict Taiwan’s economic benefits in order to influence voters’

It is possible that China could impose even more restrictions on travel by Chinese tourists in order to influence Taiwan’s economy and even for students and business people. China might also impose monetary restrictions on Taiwan and even reduce cross-straight flights in order to push the island nation in a corner ahead of its 2020 elections.

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