Norwegian athlete wins an event in France wearing Taiwan’s ‘lucky hat’ and goes viral


Generally, it is of less interest for us to report that a Norwegian athlete won an event which was held in France. This is because we don’t feel that there is anything in this news that the Taiwanese people would be interested in. However, we have reported this news because there is a lot of interest shown by the people of Taiwan. Talking about it, Norwegian athlete Gustav Iden won a triathlon event held in France which involves cycling, running as well as swimming.

Interestingly, Gustav was seen to be wearing a Taiwan hat in the image shared on social media by eagle eye spotters. Later, it was found out that the hat belonged to a Taiwan temple which is claimed to be a ‘lucky hat’ by the athlete himself.

Iden won the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Nice, France, in 3 hours, 52 minutes and 35 seconds, as CNA reports. However, the hat was spotted when he was about to cross the finish line which can be clearly seen in the images as well. On the hat, it was written as “Puyan Shunze Temple” in Taiwanese. Now, there is a very interesting story regarding how this hat reached the athlete. He has revealed that the hat was lying around on the streets of Tokyo when he saw this hat and picked up to wear thinking that it would bring him luck. And it did bring him good luck as Gustav won the race wearing this ‘lucky hat’.

Since then, the temple has got hundreds of inquires for buying the hat. However, they say that all the 500 hats that the temple had have been given away. But the temple also says that 1000 more hats have been ordered which will arrive by next week which will be then be given away as well. The temple authorities say that people from as far as Taipei and Taichung have come to claim the hat.

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