North Korea

In a shocking incident, North Korea fired two ballistic missiles on Thursday. This is not the only launch. North Korea fired four more in the last two weeks. The missile launches are, although not sudden.

The tension has been brewing for a few months now. The countries are even preparing themselves for security reasons.

The explanation that comes from the country is even more bizarre. Pyongyang comments that these missile launches were counteraction measures. North Korea will be joining the US and South Korean military drills soon.

On Tuesday, North Korea made another mishap by firing a missile over Japan. Later Pyongyang clarified that the intentions were to prompt a UN security council meeting. And eventually, the meeting took place.

Later in the meeting, the US kept accusing Russia and China of protecting the North. The US, South Korea, and Japan are coming together to counter North Korea. For the past few months, these countries have been holding many meetings. This agitates the country even more.

The country now thinks that its opponents are preparing for war. These intense meetings come out as proof to the country. North Korea even claims that the US is escalating military tensions on the Korean peninsula. All these tensions are now taking more significant forms.

Although the US is also carrying out security drills. The country still thinks that we cannot compare banned missile launches to security drills.

Reports also claim the country is restoring tunnels at its nuclear testing site. North Korea even revived its nuclear laws last month. If we believe the speculations, then the country is all set for its seventh nuclear test.

The country has recently launched six missiles; the last was 50 km high altitude and 800 km long.

Nuclear tension is surely brewing fast between the major powers of the world. If the situation goes south, the world will face the consequences. Hence countries should focus on holding diplomatic talks. This might solve the problem.

Credits: BBC

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