Nepal says it will not sign an extradition treaty with China for now


You must be aware of how the extradition bill brought forward by the Hong Kong government backed by China caused an uproar in the city. Ever since the bill has been introduced, there are protests taking place every weekend in the city and there is no end in sight. Even though the bill has been withdrawn now, we see demands of Hong Kong protestors regarding an inquiry on the police actions against protestors.

Also, if you have been following Chinese President Xi Jinping then he was previously on a two-day visit to India followed by a trip to Nepal. Talking about Nepal, we have now come to know that they are also discussing signing an extradition treaty. However, the Nepal government has announced that it will not sign an extradition treaty as of now.

Apart from that, we are also aware of reports that 11 Nepalese and 11 Tibetan activists have been arrested ahead of Xi Jinping’s visit to Kathmandu. This is because the Nepalese government does not want to put a bad impression of the country on the Chinese government. Also, Nepal wants to remain in the good books of China and does not want to anger its supreme leader. But as they say, you need to have a limit on what to do and what not to do. For this reason, CNA reports that Nepal did not sign a treaty that would allow the extradition of Tibetan migrants to China. This, however, is believed to one of the main points for Xi Jinping’s visit to the country.

During his tour to Nepal, Xi Jinping also talked about the Hong Kong protests and said that “Anyone attempting to split China will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones”. Also, Nepal has supported China’s “One China” policy according to reports as China grants RMB$3.5 billion to Nepal over the next two years.

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