NCC tells smartphone makers to list Taiwan properly or lose certification


We have seen many situations where Taiwan has come under censorship from Chinese companies as well as the Government of China. There has been pressure exerted by the Chinese government as well when Taiwan is listed as an independent country while the Chinese believe that it is part of China. Now, a new kind of censorship and alteration has been seen where smartphone companies have been seen to alter the location of Taiwanese people’s phone numbers. We see that there are country codes attached to a phone number which reveal the origin of that phone call.

Now, some of the Taiwanese users are reporting that their calls are being shown as coming from “Taiwan, China” instead of just “Taiwan” as it was seen earlier. Now, this change is seen only on Huawei phones which are the Huawei P30, P30 Pro and the Nova 5T in particular. It has to be noted that Huawei is a Chinese company and it has to do what the Chinese government tells. Also, there have been accusations by the US that Huawei is controlled by the Chinese army.

But it is good to see that the incident has not been tolerated by the National Communication Commission or NCC. NCC has said that Taiwan needs to be listed properly by all the telecom operators as well as smartphone companies. If not done so, NCC would remove their certification in the future. According to the people who posted about this, they saw this when a new security update came to their device and changed the location of their calls.

Moving forward, “NCC will require mobile device makers to sign an affidavit when they apply for certification of their products pledging that they will correctly label Taiwan in their operating systems and built-in applications” as revealed by NCC acting spokesman Hsiao Chi-hung.

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