London School of Economics artwork
London School of Economics artwork

In a major embarrassment for Chinese government, London School of Economics seems to have ignored the cries of Chinese. This is because London School of Economics has placed an asterisk mark on the name of Taiwan in the global map.

Although the map says that Republic of China(Taiwan) but there is also a star indicating that there is some dispute about it.

Now, this will definitely not please the Chinese authorities who were already requesting the London School of Economics to show Taiwan on globe map without an asterisk under Republic of China.

Now, this was kept under suspense for three long months as to whether London School of Economics would cave in to Chinese demands or not. However, Taiwanese people can now rejoice as LSE has not been affected by Chinese requests.

Although it does not mean much for the relations between Taiwan and China, it is a major diplomatic win for Taiwanese government who is defending the rights of Taiwanese people.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen’s alma mater has apparently consulted with the artist, who opted to go with an asterisk instead of changing the colour of Taiwan to match that of Communist China.

Also, there is a quote below the globe map explaining why there is an asterisk mark next to Taiwan’s name. The quote reads: “There are many disputed borders and the artist has indicated some of these with an asterisk.”

On this development, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that “school’s decision not only respects the spirit of the original work of the artist but also highlights the reality of the current situation in Taiwan, which MOFA deeply affirms”

LSE also clarifies that ” The designated borders, colours, and place names do not imply endorsement by LSE concerning the legal status of any territory or borders. ” and also mentions that “World Turned Upside Down” is work of art by Mark Wallinger and it is “his representation of the world in 2019”

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