Line has announced its ridesharing service for the Taiwanese market


We know that things are not going exactly as planned in Hong Kong. Also, there are tensions between Taiwan and China due to geographic locations. However, things are going as smoothly as ever on the business front in Taiwan. We are not seeing any type of slowdown or reports of a recession in Taiwan. In fact, new services are being launched in Taiwan thanks to the growth in user base across the country. Talking about new services, we have the messaging app Line which is launching a new ride-hailing service in Taiwan. Line CEO, Roger Chen, has announced its ride-hailing service called ‘Line Taxi’.

If you are not aware of what a ride-hailing service is, think of it as Uber or other services such as Lyft in the US. Basically, ride-hailing means that you ask for a pickup by taxi and the driver picks you up and drops you at your destination. Also, you can share the ride with other passengers in order to cut the costs of your ride. Similarly, Line’s ride-hailing service also offers you the flexibility of ordering a ride from your smartphone. Chen says that Line users won’t even have to download a new app as they can book their ride directly from Line app.

Line CEO says that Line Taxi is different from Uber and Lyft in the sense that they don’t hire contractors but instead have TaxiGo drivers which are in excess of 3,000 at the moment. Also, Line TAXI charges its customers based on time and distance and not a fixed amount as seen on other services. Apart from that, GPS devices are installed on every Line TAXI vehicle so that the safety of its customers is ensured. For payment, Line TAXI allows its customers to pay through LINE PAY, LINE POINTS, credit cards, and cash.

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