Limited edition Liquor and Beer will be launched by Taiwan for President Tsai’s inauguration


We know that the Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen go re-elected and we also know that she is yet to have her inauguration ceremony as well as swearing-in ceremony to become the next president of Taiwan. For this reason, we have known that the preparations are in full swing and we also know that the ceremony will be held very soon while the official President tenure will begin as per Taiwan’s tradition later this year.

Also, it is seen across the world that there are some souvenirs as well as limited edition products released by the government so as to remember the special occasion. And we have one special occasion coming up which is the inauguration of Taiwan President. Therefore, it is revealed that Taiwan government will release a limited edition beer as well as liquor in honour of the president. This decision is also taken because when the same thing was done in 2016, the alcoholic drinks flew off the shelves.

This announcement was made by Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation to release a range of limited edition liquor and beer products for President Tsai’s second term on May 20. Now, we know that it is also customary to release commemorative spirits prior to the swearing-in of Taiwanese presidents by state-owned manufacturers and distributors.

According to reports, this limited edition beer and liquor will also be diversified to cater to the taste of female customers, with more floral and fruit-flavoured spirits to be added to its product lines. In 2016, it is revealed that 2.36 million beers, 100,000 sorghum liquor bottles, more than 100,000 whiskey bottles were sold to mark the first inauguration ceremony of President Tsai. As per TTL, the designs of the drinks are being hammered out with the Presidential Office, and the production runs will be determined depending on market demand

Source Taiwan News

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