Lee Chong Wei, World Badminton Great, announces retirement


It is believed that Lee Chong Wei is a Legend in Malaysia and he has retained his position over his prolonged career as well. It has been 19-years since Datuk Lee Chong Wei started playing Badminton for Malaysia at the highest level. Now, Datuk Lee Chong Wei has announced his retirement at a press conference.

Lee Chong Wei, World Badminton Great, was very emotional during the press conference where he was to announce his retirement. He said “Today I want to announce my retirement, I think this decision is very, very tough.”

Lee has been ranked world number for 200 straight weeks which was from 2008-2012 and he has won 69 major titles which includes 47 super series titles as well as All England Opens and two Asian championships. Therefore, he is regarded as one of the greatest male badminton player to have ever played the game.

However, he has never won any Olympic gold medal or World Championship title. He has also scored three Olympic silvers, three silvers and a bronze in World Championships. His silver medals in the Olympics came in 2008, 2012, and 2016. He was also looking to win a gold medal in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2020 and he recently won the 12th Malaysian Open in July 2018.

But the Badminton Association of Malaysia confirmed that Lee was diagnosed with a nose cancer. Although he was treated in Taiwan and recovered well after the treatments, he could not make a comeback.

Lee said that “I do regret 100 percent that I could not win a gold (at the Olympics and World Championships), But I hope another Malaysian can, and I will help towards that.”

The Badminton Legend ended his press conference by saying that “Badminton is my life. Now my health is the priority”. The decision to retire from International Badminton by Lee Chong Wei came after his doctors dissuaded him from intensive training which he was doing to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

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