Lai promises presidential invitation for Dalai Lama if elected president


William Lai who is Democratic Progressive Party’s presidential primary challenger has made his first promise if he is elected president. According to Lai, he will invite Dalai Lama to visit Taiwan if he wins the election to become president of Taiwan.

This comment from Lai was reported by Apple Dailyand this remarks were in response to a source which remained anonymous claiming the Tsai administration had obstructed a potential visit from Tibetan spiritual leader, Dalai Lama to Taiwan. Reportedly, Dalai Lama was to visit Taiwan in May but the visit was obstructed.

William Lai also gave an interview to Apple Daily. In the interview, William Lai told that if he is given the opportunity, he will readily invite Dalai Lama to Taiwan. He added that he will also invite important voices which support human rights and religious freedom across the world.

Apart from Dalai Lama, Uyghur activist Rebiya Kadeer was also not able to visit Taiwan. According to Lai, Rebiya Kadeer was also obstructed from visiting Taiwan for the Taiwan International Religious Freedom Forum.

It was also reported by Apple Daily that in the middle of the trade war which is currently going on between US and China, Taiwan must act prudently and he feels that Taiwan should make smart decisions to ensure that the country’s economy maintains growth sustainably.

According to Lai, Kuomintang candidates such as Terry Gou who is also the Foxconn Chied as well as Kaohsuing Mayor, Han Kuo-yu do not have interests of Taiwan at heart. He feels that they are too eager to embrace China Communist Party’s vision for Taiwan.

There have also been reports from sources exclusively reporting that Tsai administration had promised to invite Dalai Lama to Taiwan Religious Freedom Forum last month. But there are also news that Dalai Lama was blocked entry into Taiwan.

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