KMT’s Han returns to work as Kaohsiung mayor after defeat in Taiwan Presidential Elections


Taiwan’s Presidential Elections just got concluded last week with Tsai Ing-wen being declared the winner with a record margin of more than 8 million votes. However, you must remember that Tsai Ing-wen was contesting the elections against KMT and PFP who also had their candidates in the fight. As for KMT, we had Han Kuo-yu whereas PFP’s James Soong was the third candidate who also came third in Taiwan’s Presidential race with less than a million votes. Talking about KMT’s candidate, Han Kuo-yu, who was also a very controversial figure in the race.

We have a new revelation that Han has returned to serve as the Kaohsiung mayor as he was previously doing before deciding to run for the Taiwan Presidential Elections. It is obvious that KMT would have named a different mayor for Kaohsiung if Han was elected the President. However, we felt that Han would not return to his role as Kaohsiung mayor after his defeat but he has done so.

As per the reports, Han only took a break of one day from his Presidential campaign to assume the role of Kaohsiung mayor once again. During his first press conference as the mayor after the elections last week, he showed gratitude to his supporters and said that the “current focus of the city government will be ensuring a delightful Lunar New Year holiday for all of its citizens”.

He also said that the election results have been determined and that his supporters should remain calm and rational. Also, Han accepted that his defeat in the election shows the voice of Taiwan and that he will respect the country’s democratic system, emphasizing that “solidarity” is vital to ensuring Taiwan continues to operate normally. He also apologized to Kaohsiung residents for taking a three-month leave but added that “city government had not slacked off in its duties”.

Source Taiwan News

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