KMT’s Han Kuo-yu says he won’t accept migrants “causing trouble” in Taiwan after “chickens” controversy


We have seen that the KMT Presidential Candidate is never likely to have a boring day. He will always stir up a controversy or two every day and it feels like it is in his nature. However, Han recently did a live stream interview in which he stirred up a huge controversy which has made even President Tsai target Han regarding his comments.

Han, in his interview on Facebook, said something controversial regarding immigrants in Taiwan. He said “phoenixes flying away and a bunch of chickens coming in,” on the matter of Taiwan’s talent going away to Singapore, Hong Kong, and China in the lure of double or triple the salaries as compared to Taiwan.

However, Han Kuo-yu has stuck to his earlier comments regarding the immigrant workers in Taiwan. He says that he is grateful and respectful to the immigrant workers coming to Taiwan but he adds that he will not accept those immigrant workers coming to Taiwan for “causing trouble”.

Clearly, Han referred to immigrant workers coming to Taiwan as “chickens” in his initial video and his latest statement also seems to suggest that he is staying with his earlier comments. Han said in a statement that his statement regarding immigrant workers has constantly been “distorted”. He adds that “I was just saying that we should retain Taiwan’s talents and bring in good people to Taiwan. We are grateful to all the new immigrants who come here to work legally. But as for those who come here illegally and enter the country to cause trouble, this is absolutely unacceptable.”

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