KMT candidate Han claims to bring 20 million tourists to Taiwan if elected


You must be aware that the Taiwan Presidential Elections are coming early next year and the preparations are in full swing regarding them. However, we have also seen that the global incidents in Hong Kong and other parts of the world have meant that the Taiwan Presidential candidates have been silent in their campaign. But that will not be the case any longer as we have a new statement from KMT Presidential Candidate Han Kuo-yu. However, his statement is more of a claim than a probability and he is also promising it in few years time rather than immediately.

Nonetheless, KMT Presidential Candidate Han Kuo-yu claims that he will be able to bring 20 million tourists to Taiwan from China through his closer ties with China. However, these numbers will be increased by 2028 which is when he will come at the end of his second and final term in the office.

He says that this will account for more than 8 percent of Taiwan’s GDP due to growth of tourists in the country. However, Han’s National Policy Advisory Team adds that their first goal is to double Taiwan tourism’s contribution to GDP from 4.4% to 9%. They also add that globally, tourism accounts for 10% of the country’s GDP which is less than half in Taiwan and that is a problem. The team also claims that Han, if elected President, will bring 15 million visitors to Taiwan in his first term alone.

They also added that President Tsai’s administration will announce their goal of having 20 million foreign tourists in Taiwan by 2030. However, Han will bring the same number of tourists by 2028 which is two years earlier than what President Tsai’s administration claims. Han’s team also noted that Han as a President will negotiate with China on relaxing restrictions it has imposed on visitors coming to Taiwan from China.

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