Jobs To Go At Breeze Malls?

Local media claim up to 30% of jobs may go


One of the largest shopping mall operators in Taiwan, Breeze Malls, has announced that it will be cutting jobs across its workforce, with domestic media reports making the claim that this potential layoff may be more than just a routine case of staff readjustment.

Several local Taiwanese media outlets have already claimed that 30% of the workforce could be facing the axe; claims the Breeze group has yet to address while claiming any cuts are in fact routine.

A 30% cut in the Breeze group workforce would affect between 200 – 300 individuals.

The Breeze group currently operates 10 malls in Taipei and despite talks of cuts is set to open an 11th – in the Nangang district of eastern Taipei. The opening date of the Nangang store has yet to be announced.

Speculation over the reason behind potential cuts includes a drop in sales partly as a result of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) scare that has reportedly hit the retail industry on the back of a drop in private consumption.

The effects of this drop in sales coupled to a reported decline in restaurant visitors at Breeze malls, and a number of brands pulling out of the Breeze Nan Shan mall due to high rents remains to be seen in overall sales.

Group Chairman Henry Liao has previously said that sales of NT$ 30.5 billion in 2019, saw a 40% annual increase, and went on to predict a further rise in overall sales to NT$ 31 billion by the end of 2020 according to local media reports.







Source Focus Taiwan

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