Japan’s quarantined cruiseliner with virus-infected patients onboard made a stop in Taiwan


While we are hearing almost every day about the outbreak of novel coronavirus or Wuhan virus in China and its effects on other parts of the world, there are some astonishing stories coming out as well.

You must have heard that China has put its Hubei province, including the city of Wuhan, on a severe lockdown where no modes of transportation are allowed in and out of the province. Also, China is on a mission to build a hospital with more than 2000 beds in just 10 days and they are very close to doing so as well.

Now, a new report has emerged out where a cruise liner has been quarantined in the middle of the ocean for the coronavirus. The whole report is such that a ship which was travelling from Japan has been on lockdown since 10 passengers inside the ship have been detected with the influence of the virus.

This obviously means that most of the passengers are likely to get infected with coronavirus as well. As we already know, every cruise liner takes a medical staff along with them which is the only option right now for them to take care of the patients onboard.

According to a new report, this cruise liner made a stop to the Taiwanese Port of Keelung which was a scheduled visit as well according to the itinerary. Looking at the same, we can say that the ship must have stopped at the Port for 12 hours.

At the moment, we also know that the next scheduled trip of the ship has been cancelled and it will remain quarantined for the next two weeks. On the other hand, all 10 of the patients have been hospitalized wherein 2 of them are found to be Australian nationals while others are from Hong Kong.

Source Taiwan News

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