HP is looking for an even bigger marketshare in Taiwan’s notebook market


You might be aware that the iPads from Apple have been doing a great job of convincing people that they don’t really need a PC or Laptop. However, there are people out there who still need more power from their laptops and they buy a notebook for that reason. As far as notebooks are concerned, they are usually 13-inch in size and are light-weight as well. Now, it is found out that one company is looking to get a bigger market share in Taiwan’s notebook market and that company is HP.

As far as Taiwan’s notebook market is concerned, HP currently has a single-digit market share in Taiwan which is lingering at the 7.6% mark right now. The company, however, wants to increase this market share to a double-digit figure which is currently what Asustek and Asus hold in the Taiwanese market. Despite the fact that HP claims Taiwan’s notebook shipments will fall next year, they say that their market share should be increased. HP Enterprise Taiwan’s MD Jon Wang says that they can “achieve annual shipment growth in the year by releasing a bigger variety of notebook models and put more efforts in the high-end sector”.

Talking about releasing more notebooks in the Taiwan market, HP just released four new models in the country which come with high-end specifications such as the 13-inch rotatable notebook Dragonfly that also claims to have 24.5-hour battery life. Along with that, HP also released the Spectre x360 that is 13-inch in size too along with a 90% screen-to-body ratio. HP also says that the people in Taiwan love ultra-thin notebooks and 60% of HP’s ultra-thin models sold are also ultra-thin while the number is 59% overall. Apart from that, HP is also focusing on the gaming segment as it expects its gaming notebook shipments to rise this year.

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