Hong Kong refuses help in Taiwan watch robber investigation


One thing that we have seen recently is that the relations between Taiwan and Hong Kong have deteriorated because of the protests. For this reason, it looks like Hong Kong is not willing to co-operate with Taiwan in investigations as well. According to a new report, it is revealed that Taiwan needs help from Hong Kong in the case of watch robber investigation. However, Hong Kong has reportedly declined to help Taiwan in this investigation.

If you are not aware of this robbery, it is known that a Taiwanese man robbed two watches from Hong Kong store last October. It is known that he will now remain in custody for three more months even though Hong Kong has denied help in investigation of this case. Since the case is of a robbery from the Hong Kong store but the culprit is from Taiwan, the general idea is for both Hong Kong and Taiwan to co-operate. But it looks like that will not happen and it looks like the case will remain pending for the time being.

This case involving a 29-year old Lin who is described as the “Taiwanese Chan Tong-kai” because of the extradition problems between the two sides will result in something remarkable. As far as Chan is concerned, he was involved in the murder of his girlfriend during a holiday in Taiwan in 2018 and he flew back home to Hong Kong before the crime could be discovered.

Since there is no agreement between Hong Kong and Taiwan regarding extradition, it means that the murdered flew away with the crime without any action taken against him. Even though more information regarding the robbery was not provided by Hong Kong, Taichung District Prosecutors Office decided to charge the suspect with robbery, and a request to keep him detained was approved.

Source Taiwan News

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