Google will stop Taiwanese political candidate’s ads from November 15


We have seen that the political season takes place all over the world. And it is a fact that there is no place in the world where the political season does not bring a bit of rivalry and trouble as the campaigns are done by competitors and things said as well. However, we have seen that the trends in elections have also changed now. Earlier, we saw that political candidates would do more roadshows in order to attract voters. However, we see that political candidates now do more campaigning online than offline. But there have been allegations in the past that political candidates have started to literally buy voters by doing ads for their campaigns.

Now, the same thing is taking place in Taiwan too where political candidates have started to publish ads for their campaigns so that they can reach as many potential voters are possible. For this reason, Facebook was blamed during the US Presidential Elections in 2016 as ads were seen even on the day of voting. Now, Google Taiwan says that it has made a decision to suspend all advertisements by political candidates in Taiwan from Nov. 15 to Jan. 17.

This means that you will not be seeing ads from political candidates till January 17 on any Google product in the country. A post from Google Taiwan’s blog reads that “Google believes that the construction of democracy comes from communication, discussion, and tolerance among all people so as to jointly form a policy recognized by the majority.”

She also wrote that “In the process of communication in a pluralistic society, it is necessary to measure democratic values, policy norms, industry responsibilities, and social perceptions, which is a challenge that is not easy but worthy of careful consideration.” Google says that people not allowed to post ads during this period as political parties running for president, vice president, and legislative seats as well as those who want to keep their post as president, vice president, and legislative seats.

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