Taiwan-German diplomacy
Taiwan-German diplomacy

We have seen that a lot of things have been done by China regarding the recognition of Taiwan around the world in all the wrong manners. We mean to say that while countries try to convince its partners to recognize other countries that are its allies, China has been doing the opposite with Taiwan. Looking at China’s point of view, they feel that Taiwan is part of China and it should not be recognized as a separate country. On the other hand, Taiwan is currently independent and it wants recognition of countries around the globe as being separate from China.

Now, we know that Taiwan currently has diplomatic ties with only 15 countries and that number might also be shortened if some allies of Taiwan severe ties. But there is now a report from Germany which should please everyone in Taiwan. The report states that Germany will hold public hearings for petitions filed in the German court in order to recognize Taiwan.

However, the dampener here is that Germany still maintains its ‘One China’ policy but says that they are open to cultural and economic partnerships with Taiwan. This will not be diplomatic ties since that would trigger China but instead, trade and commerce ties between the two countries. While the German Bundestag does say that public hearings will be conducted from December 9, it also mentions that the country’s policies are unlikely to be modified for the island nation.

Talking about the petition to recognize Taiwan, there were public signatures taken for the establishment of relationship between German and Taiwan and it received 53,000 signs in less than a month which meant that the German Bundestag was forced to discuss about the partnership. Germany’s spokesperson for German ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the country recognizes Taiwan as a region and not a country and it is unlikely to modify its position on the same.

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