Foxconn gives an NT$7.66 billion Christmas bonus to its employees


You might be aware of the fact that one of the biggest smartphone manufacturing companies is a Taiwanese one. We are currently talking about Foxconn which does have its factories outside Taiwan too but is primarily a Taiwanese firm. As far as Foxconn is concerned, we know that products such as iPhones, iPads and most Android flagships are built inside the factory. This is why it is also important that Foxconn pays its employees well as the demand is great inside the factory. Now, we have information regarding Taiwan’s Foxconn giving out employee bonus on the occasion of Christmas.

As far as employee bonuses are concerned, it might be one of the biggest from Foxconn as the company has reportedly handed out bonuses worth NT$7.66 billion. It is also being noticed that the new leader at Foxconn has made it a point for employee welfare as it is greatly improved under his leadership. It was revealed that the company currently has 4,166 employees in Taiwan, but the bonus varied for different business units and individuals based on their performance and function.

Also, Foxconn has somewhat broken the tradition of issuing its bonus because we know that the company hands out its bonus on Lunar New Year which falls between January and February but the company has dished out bonus this year on Christmas eve which is December 24. Liu Young-way, who has become the new leader at Foxconn after Terry Gou resigned to run for Taiwan’s Presidential elections, has been great for the Foxconn employees. Liu is also said to believe in employee welfare since it will create a positive work environment and boosts the morale of the employees inside the company. However, it is interesting to note that Terry Gou did resign to run for the elections but quit the race and did not join Foxconn once again.

Source Taiwan News

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