Foxconn founder Terry Gou apologizes for his sexist comment


You might have seen that things are heating up in Taiwanese politics as the elections are coming very close. In fact, we are just days away from seeing people flock the streets to cast their vote and elect the next Taiwan President. While we don’t want to predict anything, trends suggest that President Tsai will get re-elected.

However, we are also seeing that those who are not in the election race this year are still in the limelight. The latest one of them is the Foxconn founder Terry Gou who has had to apologize recently. This is because of a comment Terry made last week which is totally sexist and should not have been spoken.

As far as the whole matter is concerned, Terry Gou who was the Foxconn CEO stepped down earlier this year to run for Taiwan’s Presidential Elections. But he decided to back out at the last moment for reasons not revealed.

Having said that, he is still commenting on the legislative members of Taiwan and his latest comment did not go down well. He said that Taiwan’s legislative candidates are ‘busy marrying and giving birth to children’.

This was written on Terry Gou’s Facebook wall but it is still a view from him and it was criticized heavily by everyone in the country. Since then, Terry has realized that he made a mistake and his written on his Facebook wall that he respected women and that he would apologize to any women who felt that his remarks showed disrespect.

He also added that two of his closest aides who are running for the legislative yuan are mother to three children. However, he had contrasting opinions when he was likely to run for president as he said that the government should pay for care and education of every child in Taiwan under the age of six.

Source Taiwan News

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