Foodpanda couriers having nationwide protests regarding their pay cut


It is a well-known fact that Taiwan is the main business point for one of the food delivery services named Foodpanda. Also, Taiwanese people love the service for ordering food at their doorsteps and they have been using it quite extensively.

However, we also have to look at the perspective of Foodpanda from its couriers who are what makes Foodpanda successful. We know that any delivery business survives on the quality of people that deliver them. And Foodpanda is also the same but it has come to our notice that Foodpanda’s couriers are staging a nationwide protest.

These protests are because of the fact that Foodpanda couriers have had their pay cut recently. As revealed by a Foodpanda courier spokesperson, the food delivery company had said recently that their pay would be cut from NT$70 (US$2.3) to NT$57 per delivery, while in Taipei it would be reduced to NT$60, with effect from Thursday.

Liu Tun-cheng said that he along with 50 other Foodpanda couriers were disappointed because the company did not consult them before making the decision of rate cuts. Also, Liu revealed that his pay will be reduced quite drastically due to this decision from the company.

As far as the working hours for Foodpanda are concerned, there is no limit as such and you can deliver it as much as you want in a day. Also, there is no limit in how many couriers Foodpanda can hire which means that the competition has become stiffer.

Liu reveals that he typicalls works for 14-15 hours per day but he says that while he earned NT$2,100 per day earlier, his pay would be reduced to NT$1,300 after the rate cuts. Also, Taichung Labor Affairs Bureau said that Foodpanda does not have the legal right to unilaterally change the terms of its contracts with its couriers.

Source Taiwan News

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