Finland’s Prime Minister thinks that Brexit will be delayed once again


We have seen that a lot has been going on regarding Brexit and the decision of the UK government to leave the European Union. It has to be said that the government has to go forward with Brexit as the people’s referendum done earlier this year voted to leave the EU. However, we have seen that the move to leave the EU is not as easy as it was initially thought. There has been a turmoil in the UK politics and we have already seen Theresa May, the former UK Prime Minister, resign as she could make a deal for Brexit. Now, Boris Johnson who is the new Prime Minister of UK has vowed to get a deal on Brexit as soon as possible.

But we analysts, as well as experts, believe that Brexit could be delayed even further. In an interview, Finland’s Prime Minister said that the deadline to strike a deal for Brexit ends at this month’s end. This means that the UK government has till October 31 to strike a deal for Brexit or leave the EU with a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. Finnish PM says that the Top EU leaders are set to discuss Brexit at a summit scheduled for October 17 to 18. However, he reckons that the UK government will miss the deadline this time too and they will ask for an extension beyond October 31. He also says that there is a “danger of hard Brexit,”

We must also note that the current Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that instead of asking for an extension, he would rather be ‘dead in a ditch’. Finnish Prime Minister Antii Rinne added that “it would seem that Johnson has only now understood what a big mess this is, and he has difficulty making a proposal that would get him out,” So he believes the upcoming summit might be all about an extension for Brexit rather than a solution.

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