Father-daughter duo smuggling drugs into Taiwan caught red-handed


We have seen several cases where people have been caught by the airport authorities where they have tried to smuggle drugs inside the country. The latest one is from Taiwan itself where the airport’s security staff has caught a father-daughter duo for smuggling heroin inside Taiwan. Talking about the whole incident, it is revealed that the duo was travelling from Thailand to Taoyuan airport inside the country. Also, the interesting part is regarding the way that this duo was trying to smuggle drugs inside the country. As per the revelation, the heroin was kept inside cereal packets so that it cannot be caught.

As per the report, an X-ray check of their checked-in luggage aroused the suspicion of local customs officials, who stopped the two for further inspection of their suitcases. On further investigating their bags, they found that white packets were hidden inside the cereals. These white packets were tested further and the authorities found out that it was heroin. Apart from arresting the father-daughter duo who brought the drugs from Taiwan, police also arrested their former wife who was outside the Taiwan airport to pick them up.

The investigation would continue in order to locate and neutralize the rest of their distribution network. This information was given at a year-end news conference and the police also revealed that a total of 241 kg drug was intercepted in 2019. Now, the way in which these visitors from Thailand were trying to smuggle heroin inside Taiwan raises suspicion and also makes one think that there must be a bigger network that they are operating for. Because people try to smuggle these packets inside their jackets, shoes, and clothes. But if these packets were hidden inside cereal boxes, there has to be a link in the manufacturing department of their respective companies too.

Source Taiwan News

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