ChiaoHsi spoke to us about her own experiences with COVID-19

ChiaoHsi, University Of Washington Student Speaks

We now use almost none of the school equipment so it’s extremely unfair for us that we still need to pay the full amount of tuition including all the bus passes, the classroom equipment charges, gym fees, etc. 
Gas pump in Taiwan prices low

Gas Prices Continue To Fall In Taiwan

The latest drop at a time those left commuting to and from work and school are looking to have as little contact with others as possible is a result of an ongoing oil war between Saudi Arabia and Russia; two of the world’s leading suppliers. 
Image of South Korean Quarantine facility

Taiwanese Woman Deported From S.Korea

A Taiwanese woman has returned to Taiwan after being deported from South…
Abbey talks to The Taiwan Times on COVID-19

It Was Then I Felt Discriminated Against: Abbey

For instance, I once slightly cleared my throat on a bus in Paris during my travels, and was given dirty looks by the other passengers immediately.