CoCo Bubble Tea from Taiwan stirs controversy over support for HongKong protests


We recently reported about a controversy regarding Taiwan’s Yi Fang Tea. In this incident, someone from Yi Fang Tea posted a controversial comment on social media after which there was an uproar. Allegedly, Yi Fang Tea’s branch posted that they support China’s “one country, two systems” policy. However, Yi Fang’s head later clarified that this was from one of their branches and Yi Fang does not associate with them any longer. Now, a similar controversy has erupted and this time, it is CoCo Bubble Tea from Taiwan as well.

Taiwan’s CoCo Bubble Tea has now had a similar controversial incident like the Yi Fang Tea. But in the case of CoCo Bubble Tea, the controversy is because of a message printed on its outlet’s receipt. According to reports, a message which reads “Hong Kongers Jia You!” was seen as printed on receipt of CoCo Bubble Tea. However, Chinese netizens have taken to Weibo to express their displeasure over this incident. As this message was seen on CoCo Bubble Tea’s Hong Kong outlet, Chinese netizens are outraged.

However, there is nothing suspicious in this message as such. When translated, it just shows support towards Hong Kong people to “add oil”. But what this means is not exactly clear at this point. Netizens who support China’s “one country, two systems” policy say that this message is to support the Hong Kong protests and towards pro-democracy.

After the controversy erupted, CoCo gave a statement on social media saying that “Hong Kong is an inseparable part of the People’s Republic of China.” which can also be seen as damage control by the company. Also, CoCo revealed that this was because of a mistake from a single person at one of its outlets. Also, they said that the business at Wan Chai location has been suspended due to this incident.

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