Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan to recruit upto 3000 in new staff from next year


We have kept saying how Taiwan’s economy is growing amidst the global economic slowdown due to various factors. Also, we have seen reports regarding how the next year is going to be great for Taiwan’s economy as well as tourism sector in terms of growth. Now, a new report out of Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom is something that will make many people looking for jobs in Taiwan happy. Because the report reveals that Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom will hire 3000 people starting next year. This means if you are working in a telecom sector and looking for a job change, you know where to apply. Also, this will be a good opportunity for freshers wanting to work in the telecom sector.

As far as the reason behind this mass hiring is concerned, Chunghwa Telecom will see a whole bunch of retirements over the next 3 years because of the maximum age limit set for working in the firm. Therefore, it will have to fill the vacancies created by people who will retire. This was announced at an event last week by the Chunghwa Telecom as they also thanked retirees for their service to the company.

Chunghwa Telecom reveals that 1400 of its staff which will retire is working on its core division of broadband and mobile communications. Also, the telecom company adds that 576 of its employees will retire by the second half of next year. The main areas of focus for hiring for telecom will be Multimedia on Demand (MOD), Over-The-Top (OTT) Media Services, artificial intelligence, cloud-based technologies, virtual reality, augmented reality and big data. It is believed that the company will require a new staff of 1600 people for these sectors. The telecom firm also reveals that 2020 will be the first year of 5G for Taiwan and they need to get ready for the 5G era which also needs talent.

Source Taiwan News

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