Chinese President Xi meets Hong Kong Executive Carrie Lam for ‘vote of confidence’


We have seen that the unrests between Hong Kong police and the protestors have reached a peak in the last few weeks. There have been reports of unrest time and again and people have started to take to violence against what they call are unjust atrocities from the police. Now, there were reports regarding the Chinese leadership not being happy about the Hong Kong government over the protests and how it is handling them. Also, the demands for Hong Kong chief Carrie Lam’s resignation were growing.

But we have some strange events to report right now. On the sidelines of a trade event in Shanghai, both the Chinese President Xi Jin-ping and the Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam met. It was believed that the two of them have met to discuss the Hong Kong protests and rumours started that the Chinese President was not happy with Lam’s handling. However, the statement from Hong Kong Secretary Matthew revealed that “The reverse is true”. This was when he was asked if China’s Xi met Lam as he was not happy with her role.

It was also reported that China would step up its measures in Hong Kong as the Chinese rule is also threatened due to the protests. Hong Kong Secretary also added that “The very fact that he is so busy, that he found time to meet, really is a vote of confidence in ourselves”. He also said that Chinese President Xi “has a high degree of confidence in the chief executive and also certainly the work of the present government and the political team, so all these are pretty reassuring to us,”. This statement was backed by China’s Xinhua News Agency which also confirmed that Chinese President Xi showed “high degree of trust” in Lam to stabilize the situation in Hong Kong.

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