China halts visa process for Taiwan visitors
China halts visa process for Taiwan visitors

The Chinese government has made a big announcement related to Taiwan just now. The government has announced that it is halting single travel visas for the Chinese tourists who are wanting to visit Taiwan. This applies to all the cities in China and no one can apply for individual visas. This means that you can only apply for group visas from China if you want to visit Taiwan.

Now, this comes as a big announcement from China which is seen as restricting individual Chinese tourists from visiting Taiwan. The official statement from the Chinese government says that the decision has been taken due to the tensions between China and Taiwan.

Many see this step from China as a way to punish Taiwan for its support against protests of the Hong Kong extradition bill. While others say that this could be done by China keeping in mind the 2020 Taiwan Presidential Elections. Also, the visa application process is effective immediately meaning that Chinese tourists will not be able to apply for single travel visas from August 1 itself.

Although this move is something that is expected from China, this is the first time that China has stopped individual visa applications to Taiwan. This shows the Chinese government feels that tension between Taiwan and China have come to an all-new level in recent times.

One report from Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau showed that 1.67 million visited Taiwan in just the first half of 2019 from China. This number shows a 30% rise in the figures as compared to the first half of 2018. However, this move from the Chinese government is expected to hit the tourism of Taiwan hard.

An estimation figure suggests that this step from the Chinese government could reduce the total number of visitors coming from China by 700,000 as the individual visas have been stopped. This will eventually affect the tourists visiting in groups as well.

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