China’s PLA troops double its force in Hong Kong with rumours of a ‘violent attack’


We have seen that the unrest in Hong Kong between the government and protestors is not going to end anytime soon. Although the controversial extradition bill which triggered the protest has already been withdrawn, the protestors are demanding an inquiry on the police actions which have injured many. However, we should also keep in mind that China has a big say in what the Hong Kong government does. Also, we are now getting reports about a movement of troops by China’s People Liberation Army. This movement was done in late August and there were reports at that time that this is a “routine” movement.

But it now turns out that the “routine” movement reported earlier was actually a “troop reinforcement”. This also goes to show that China’s PLA has expanded its presence in the restive Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Now, these reports have emerged thanks to “unnamed diplomatic envoys” and there are even rumours regarding the “violent attack” which might take place on October 1 in Hong Kong. This will be on the day when China marks its 70th year under Communist rule. While this is just a speculation, we could see an increase in actions from China’s PLA in Hong Kong.

Also, the rumoured “rotation” which took place in Hong Kong few months back was estimated to be of 3,000 to 5,000 troops. However, it is now reported that the actual troops could be between 10,000 to 12,000 as per a Reuters report. Diplomatic envoys also say that ‘there was no significant number of PLA troops seen leaving the territory before or after the sudden influx of new troops on Aug. 29.’

Also, Chief superintendent of the Hong Kong police force’s public relations office, Tse Chun-Chung earlier said that Hong Kong is “on the verge of extreme danger” and that the police were anticipating a “very serious, violent attack” from anti-China protesters. Therefore, the increase of China’s PLA presence in the city could be for that reason only.

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