China University board elects Apple CEO Tim Cook its chairman


Apple has come under a lot of scrutiny from the US because of the fact that Apple removed an app from its App Store which was used by Hong Kong protestors. Apple removed it saying that the app was used to undermine the security of police but we know that this was done on China’s orders by Apple.

Most of the US believes that Apple’s stance on China is wrong and they are even calling for Apple to bring back the app on its Store. While we don’t think that would happen, it is sad to see that Apple wants to be in the good books of China and is doing everything it can to achieve it.

While the world has criticized China for what it is doing in Hong Kong, Uyghur and other parts of the world, Apple is not. Anyways, we are getting reports which will rub salt into the wounds of people attacking Apple for its China stance. According to reports, a Chinese University’s board has elected Apple CEO Tim Cook as its Chairman.

Tim Cook will be the chairman of the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. According to SEM, Tim Cook attended the annual board meeting of the university with other 35 members in attendance. On the internet, some netizens have said that Tim Cook is “wasting his time trying to stabilize the Chinese market.” while others are not supportive of this latest appointment.

While Apple is doing all it can to please the Chinese government, CNA reports that China has been mostly “looked down on” by China regarding the company’s initiatives. Cook is also known to have met top-level Chinese executives in recent years. One thing we do know is that the news will not be welcomed very warmly by Apple fans in the US.

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