China says protests in Hong Kong took place due to billionaire Li Ka-shing


China has been playing the blame game for a long time regarding who is responsible for protests in Hong Kong. At first, China blamed the US and UK government for inciting as well as providing support to protestors. Later, the Chinese government said that Taiwan is also responsible for protests taking place in Hong Kong. Now, China has blamed a well-known Hong Kong billionaire for the protests which have been going on for a few months.

Chinese officials believe that Hong Kong protests are taking place because of housing problems which are caused by billionaires like Li Ka-Shing. Chinese state-run media says that people’s anger over expensive housing caused by real estate billionaires in Hong Kong fueled the protests. The New York Times wrote that communist country, Hong Kong, seems to be returning to its early years when it fought against the landlords.

Li Ka-Shing has been able to increase his wealth to become Hong Kong’s wealthiest person partly because of tycoons like him did not dabble in politics believes the Chinese media. However, China has been demanding absolute loyalty from business leaders too since President Xi Jin-Ping took office.

New York Times also reported that a pro-Chinese political group demanded the authorities take land from the property developers to build affordable housing. It is known that Li has met several Chinese leaders once. But he has come in for more criticism as his stance on the recent wave of protests was seen by Beijing as not outspoken and tough enough.

Also known is that ads were run by tycoon Li for reconciliation between the Hong Kong government and the protesters. This move from the tycoon has invited condemnations of ambivalence from Chinese commentators. China would be sending a “chilling message” to other Chinese economic actors if it dared to take on a powerful and influential business leaders says the New York Times.

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