China is breeding giant pigs which are as heavy as polar bears to fill pork shortage


China is facing a lot of problems in recent times which are the US-China trade war, Hong Kong protests as well as the Uighur Muslims’ issue in the Xinjiang area too. However, you would not have guessed this problem faced in the whole of China which is a pork shortage problem. Basically, China does not have enough pork in order to fulfil it’s country’s demands and they have started to try different things in this area as well.

There is a report from Bloomberg which shows that a farm owner in China’s southern region is breeding a huge pig which weighs as much as a polar bear. Now, it is not usual for pigs to weigh that much but this is done in order to reduce the pork shortage problem. It is known that such giant pigs can be sold for as high as 10,000 Yuan which equates to $1,399. Keep in mind that this price is three times higher than what is usually the selling price of a pig in China.

While this giant pig is found rarely, Bloomberg reports that the idea of bigger is better is spreading rapidly around the country and more farmers are breeding such heavy pigs in their farms. Prior to this shortage of pork, we were aware that the average weight of a pig would be 125 kgs or less. However, this problem has prompted the average weight of a pig to go as high as 175 kilograms to 200 kilograms.

But there is also the issue of African swine fever which is spreading across China and its neighbouring countries such as Taiwan as well. For this reason and the cost of breeding, farmers are opting to increase the size of their pigs instead of restocking them. Also, Chinese authorities have warned that the country could face an “extremely severe” supply situation by the first half of 2020.

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