China has already started research on 6G telecom even while 5G has not gone mainstream


It is a fact that China is very strong in the world of technology and competes with the US on a regular basis. We have seen that there is a sort of rush between the US and China as to who implements the latest technology first. At the moment, the latest of technology is the 5G network which is considerably better in delivering internet speeds as compared to 4G. Currently, we know that 4G has gone mainstream and will soon be a technology of the past. At the moment, countries around the world are testing 5G networks.

However, we have a new report from the Chinese state media which reveals that China is already testing 6G networks. We expect to see even better internet speeds than the 5G technology which is already supposed to give blazing fast speeds. But there are challenges at the moment in regards to the 5G technology such as high radiations, overheating battery due to constant search for network and other factors. So we believe that the same challenges might get solved in the 6G technology.

Now, China launched its 5G mobile services just day prior to this and the announcement of 6G comes soon after. A national research and development group regarding 6G technology has also been established in the country after a meet. There is obviously no timetable given at the moment regarding when the 6G technology would be available. According to a Reuters report, China’s 5G services rollout was scheduled for early 2020 but Beijing brought it forward due to tensions with the US.

It is also said that the major telecoms involved in 6G research is Huawei but it also under attack from the US for allegedly carrying out spying activities. Thus, it is also said that the US might have its own research on 6G technology in coming months.

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