Burger King and McDonald’s announce price raise in Taiwan due to inflation


One thing you might have noticed in Taiwan is that the food chains in the nation have kept their prices the same from quite a long time. However, this long time has come to an end as we now see an announcement from Burger King, McDonald’s and other fast-food chains in the country. This announcement is regarding the increase in prices for their food products in Taiwan. The reason for their move to increase prices given by them is inflation.

Now, we are also aware that Burger King and McDonald’s are not alone in increasing their rates. Because the first brand to start this chain was KFC which said on Friday that it is increasing product prices. According to KFC, the increase in prices is due to the rising costs of operation and they are increasing an average 3.4% prices on some of its products. While McDonald’s has announced that it is also increasing prices due to inflation, they revealed that prices for some of its popular products will also be dropped.

As far as McDonald’s is concerned, you will have to pay an additional NT$5 on McDonald’s French fries and salad combos from January 15. Also, all locations in Taiwan will no longer offer fresh pots of Americano. On the contrary, McDonald’s customers will have to pay NT$5 less for their beloved Filet-O-Fish and McChicken burgers. As for Burger King, no detailed information has been given about their plans to increase prices and on which products.

However, Taiwan Consumer Protection Committee does mention that Burger King plans to modify item prices after January 17 in the nation. Burger King’s explanation for its increase in prices is due to an increase in beef consumption amid fears of African swine fever which has decreased the consumption of pork. The relief for Taiwanese people, however, is that MOS Burger has no plans to increase its prices as of now.

Source Taiwan News

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