Athlete from Norwegia who became famous for lucky temple hat visits Taiwan


There have been a lot of things in sports that we like and there are things that inspire us. Similarly, it is a great pleasure to see people wearing things that are close to our heart and especially on TV. One similar incident happened recently when an athlete from Norwegia was seen wearing a temple hat which he claimed was “lucky” for him. Now, it is interesting to note that the particular hat he was wearing belonged to a temple in Taiwan’s remote area. Therefore, people started to wonder how the athlete got the hat since he did not visit Taiwan.

Soon after the lucky hat went viral in Taiwan, the Norwegian athlete revealed that he found the hat on streets in Hong Kong. He took the hat with him and since then the hat is with him. However, he feels that the hat is lucky for him and he wore the hat to win the marathon as well. Since then, people have started to enquire about the lucky hat and the temple said they were already sold out.

Now, the Norwegian Athlete who became famous has visited Taiwan and his name is Gustav Iden in the Changhua County of Taiwan where the temple is located. The people could read out the words written on athlete’s hat in Chinese which translate to “Puyan Shunze Temple” which is the name of the temple. Apart from a visit to the temple where he also had a thanksgiving appearance, Iden was scheduled to run in Tianzhong marathon on Sunday. He is also set to promote a beef and mutton festival via a news conference and is also going to test local delicacies such as guavas. Most importantly, Iden is all set to receive the honorary citizenship of Changhua County which will definitely be an honour for Iden and his family.

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