Taiwan stock market
Taiwan stock market

It is a known fact that while every other market around the world is struggling, the markets in Taiwan are showing signs of growth. Not only showing signs of growth, but Taiwan’s markets have also recorded a positive outlook which should please investors and bring them to Taiwan. However, we know that the economies around the world are struggling and it is bound to affect the Taiwanese economy as well. On the other hand, we keep getting reports that most departments of Taiwan are growing despite the situation. Yesterday, we reported that the tourism bureau of Taiwan is also looking at a record number of visitors for this year.

Now, a new report from Bloomberg reveals that analysts are expecting even more growth from Taiwan and they say that in 2020, Taiwan’s stocks will reach a record height. It must also be noted that Taiwan’s stocks went up by 20% this year which is also a record. But analysts are expecting even more rally in the stock market of Taiwan for the upcoming year. The most influencing factor regarding this analysis is the US-China trade war where it is believed that China will suffer due to the US tariffs and Taiwan could be in a great position to take advantage of the situation.

However, it might all change when a new trade deal between the US and China is announced. As per the report, Taiex index is just 7% short of what it achieved in 1990 which was an all-time high and the record still stands. Next year, this record will be toppled as per the analysts and it could happen after 30 years of first achieving the record. Interestingly, analysts are not expecting Taiwan’s presidential elections to come in the way of Taiwan’s stock market which might suggest that President Tsai is expected to be re-elected.

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